Why can't I post videos on Zalo? See how to fix it now

Not being able to post videos on Zalo is a common mistake that many people face when using a phone or laptop. If you don't know why Zalo can't post videos or how to fix them, follow the article below!

Why can't I post videos on Zalo? how to fix it now

1. The reason you can not post videos on Zalo.

- Due to network connection problem.

Weak and unstable WiFi connection, broken router, causing too many users ... Or running out of 3G, 4G network space may also be the reason you can't post videos on Zalo.

- Because the video contains objectionable content, copyright is infringed.

Currently, Zalo does not allow posting videos that contain objectionable or pirated content from individuals or organizations. As a result, you won't be able to continue posting your videos if there is infringing content.

- Because the Zalo application version is outdated and defective.

The inability to post videos on Zalo can also be caused by an error that the current application version is too old or contains an error.

- Video size due to exceed specified limit.

The error in posting videos on Zalo cannot be because the video you send is too heavy, the maximum allowed amount is 700 MB.

- Due to software conflicts, installation.

The cause of this situation may be due to hardware and software changes that cause installation and application conflicts.

2. How to fix the error of posting a video on Zalo?

- Restart the phone.

When restarting the phone, your device will stop all programs running in the background on the device, and at the same time free up memory, fixing errors in posting videos on Zalo due to effective software conflicts.

- Close apps running in the background

Closing applications running in the background is also a solution to help you fix the error of posting videos on Zalo, but it does not work. This will avoid consuming too much network data to connect your phone. So please close all applications running in the background including Zalo and then reopen, then try to post the video again!

- Check WiFi connection

Sometimes you cannot post videos on Zalo because the connection is not stable. Please try checking the WiFi connection again using another phone to access this WiFi , then log in to Zalo on this new device. If the posting is successful, WiFi is completely normal, on the contrary, if the new phone still cannot post on Zalo, try switching to 3G, 4G networks.

- Check capacity 3G, 4G

Even after switching to the 3G / 4G network can not post videos, you should check if your 3G / 4G capacity is still sufficient because posting videos takes a lot of time and data compared to posting regular photos.

- Zalo . Uninstall and Reinstall

If the above methods still do not fix the error of posting videos on Zalo, please uninstall and reinstall Zalo on the device because it may be because Zalo on the phone is defective.

- Check the video content

Before uploading videos to Zalo, please check to see if the video content shares distorted content, hot photos and other content that violates your national traditions and Customs.

- Check video size again

Before posting a video, check the size of the video you are about to post. If the selected video is larger than 700MB, the message "the size of the selected video exceeds the specified limit (700MB)". This message will tell you that the video is too heavy and should be replaced with another video.

- Uninstall the application causing the error

If the error of posting videos on Zalo has never occurred to your device before, but only appears after downloading an application, the error is high, it is likely because this application is in conflict with Zalo. In this case, you must delete the application that is causing the error.

- Update new operating system version (if any)

Checking and updating the new version of the operating system helps to make your device smoother and more stable, and simultaneously fix errors on the phone. If a new version is available, update to the latest version.

- Reset Phone settings

After a long time of use, too many settings are set by the user in the phone, causing an error that causes conflicts. At that time, reset the phone settings to return all applications and information on the phone to the default state just like you bought it the first time. However, before restoring, if you lose all important data, back up your phone data!

- Contact Zalo switchboard

If you can't sit still and wait, you can contact Zalo: 1900561558. The call charge on the Zalo switchboard is 2000 VND/min. Note that you should approach the issue of your video posting issue directly to avoid extra time and cost.

FAQs For Zalo Posting

- Is it OK to post a 5 minute runtime video?

Answer: no. Zalo does not support posting long videos because the longer the videos, the higher the capacity. Therefore, posting a short video on Zalo is recommended.

- Can I post 2 videos at the same time on Zalo?

Answer: no. In the current version, Zalo allows you to post videos only once.

- Can I post 1 video and 1 image at the same time?

Answer: no. You can choose to just post a photo or post a video because these two forms are in two different options.

Hopefully, the above article will be a source of useful information for you, making it easier for you to Follow and apply. See you in the next post !