How to Easily Cancel Your Mud\Wtr Subscription: A Quick Guide!


How To Cancel MudWtr Subscription? 3 Methods For Cancel!!


Discovering new morning rituals? Consider swapping your usual coffee for Mud\Wtr powder drink! If it's not your cup of tea (or coffee), canceling the subscription is hassle-free. Here's how!

Benefits of Mud\Wtr:

  • Ideal alternative for coffee lovers
  • Packed with health benefits such as 100% organic cacao, ayurvedic herbs, and mushrooms
  • Aids in improving immune system and sleep quality

Can You Cancel Mud\Wtr Subscription?

Absolutely! Cancel anytime without incurring additional charges.

Methods to Cancel:

1. Online Method:

  • Log in to your Mud\Wtr Account
  • Tap on "Manage" for subscription details
  • Scroll to the bottom, click "Cancel Subscription"

2. Email Cancellation:

  • Send an email to
  • The service team will process your cancellation request
  • Subscription won't renew after cancellation

3. Contact Form:

  • Submit the Contact Form with your Name and Email Address
  • Enter "Cancel Mud\Wtr Subscription" in the Subject Field
  • Type a message and click "Submit"

Mud\Wtr Return Policy:

  • No returns for opened packets
  • Return unopened and undamaged items within 30 days
  • Start the return process via the Return Portal Page; status notified via email


  • Refunds: Full refund upon successful return
  • Subscription-Free Orders: Yes, Mud\Wtr powder can be ordered without a subscription
  • Getting High with Mud Water: No, it boosts energy and focus without causing a high

How to Contact Customer Service:


Mud\Wtr receives positive reviews as customers make the switch from coffee. However, personal preferences vary. If it's not your cup of tea, follow the steps outlined above to effortlessly cancel your Mud\Wtr Subscription and manage your deliveries.