45 Sectors that are Easy to Study Abroad and Easy to Get a Job After Graduation

 Education abroad is becoming more and more popular and every year more students choose to study abroad than in Vietnam. With more and more courses being introduced, career prospects for students will also increase. Below,  LoanPlan.in  LoanPlan.in the study abroad majors that are  most sought after by students in Vietnam today.  

45 Sectors that are Easy to Study Abroad and Easy to Get a Job After Graduation

Study abroad majors Art, Performance group

Are you someone with an eternal love for art? You are sure to find the right course by mentioning the following art and performing arts groups abroad:

Studied abroad in Film Acting

William Shakespeare said, “The whole world is a stage”. That means there is no limit to where you can study acting abroad. From ancient Greek dramas, to Chinese Peking opera, and the legendary tragedies of Bard himself, theater may vary around the world but it has always remained the same. And thus offers unlimited opportunities for students. Students can increase their chances of doing a lot at local universities by taking an overseas study study program.

Director’s Study

Film making is an art form that is valued around the world. Wherever you go, there is a need for the entertainment that movies provide. By traveling to different parts of the world to study filmmaking abroad, you can create a much broader way to make and distribute films.

Being a successful filmmaker depends heavily on the understanding of your audience, and in order to be a world-renowned filmmaker, you need to understand the standards of art and expectations of different cultures. different chemistry. Studying filmmaking abroad is a good first step to getting to know this culture.

Studied abroad in Dance

Almost every successful professional dancer in the modern world collaborates internationally; it is an essential ingredient to have a successful dance career. That’s why young dancers now realize that the training you receive at your residence is enhanced by exploring international courses.

By studying dance abroad, you can transcend the spoken word and learn to express cultural traditions through movement. Students studying dance abroad come home with a new set of techniques and tools to use in choreography to create their own dance style.

Studying Music abroad

Studying music abroad is the perfect way to start your career in an industry that is more internationally connected and one that now requires expertise in a variety of styles and global approaches. Often, you will learn a style of music from which it originated while also experiencing how local or traditional music is incorporated into a vibrant and rapidly changing contemporary scene.

Music managers can learn new management techniques and how the music industry is widely changing across different legal and cultural frameworks through music study programs abroad.

Study abroad majors in Mechanical and Engineering groups

Study of Mechatronics

As a Master of Mechatronic Engineering student, you can pursue your career goals and interests through a manufacturing specialist or you can choose to opt out if you wish. Manufacturing expertise offers an opportunity to use your mechatronics skills to create new products and services for the agile modern economy, with a strong foundation of material manufacturing systems. Jobs in mechatronics are predicted to grow rapidly over the next 10 years.

Study abroad in Mechanical Engineering

It provides a path for you to have a known career that benefits you and society. If you have a passion in Mathematics and Physics, you may choose to study mechanical engineering as it will help train your skills in designing, researching and manufacturing equipment, airplanes and other vehicles.

Study abroad majors in Medicine and Pharmacy group

Studied abroad in Nursing

Nursing is a great career option as health technology and life expectancy continue to rise. That means people live longer and need more care. It pushes the demand for workers. Individuals majoring in Nursing have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings. From the hospital; doctor's office; rehabilitation clinic; at home and similar places. By 2026, the farm is expected to grow by 20%, and wages will rise significantly as more education becomes available. For example, those with a master’s degree can earn as little as $ 90,000 per year.

Study abroad in Medicine

The world is always in need of Doctors and Medicine is a discipline that will never get old. The Bachelor of Medicine degree is awarded to medical students after a program of study, which usually lasts about five years, in some cases, more at the undergraduate level and about four years at the graduate level. Medical degrees include: Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS); Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)…

Study Abroad Doctor of Dentistry

Obtaining a dental degree is the first step to becoming a dentist. In addition to general practice, dentistry encompasses many specialties and subspecialties including orthodontics and orthodontics; pediatric dentistry; oral periodontitis; maxillofacial surgery; toothache; endodontics; public health dentistry; and x-ray of the maxillary tooth

Choosing to study Dentistry means leaving university with an almost guaranteed degree that will guarantee you a high -paying job, anywhere in the world. But like any field of study that puts human health in your hands, you have to be willing to spend many years working in the service of others.

Study abroad in Veterinary Medicine

If you are planning to study veterinary medicine, obviously you are an animal and love the outdoors, which means you can study abroad. Veterinary preparation students can study in any major, but they usually choose natural sciences, such as Biology or Zoology. These are interesting topics to study abroad, but if they don’t work there are many more electives you can get abroad.

Either way, make sure your path to veterinary school includes studying veterinary science abroad, as this will give you a chance to see your favorite wildlife.

Studied abroad in Pharmacy

For a career that helps people, pharmacy is at the top of the list of required qualifications. At the very least, a bachelor’s degree is required to work in this field. But if you study abroad, you will find many job opportunities with higher salaries. By 2025, growth in this sector is estimated at 25% and unemployment at 3%. In terms of salary, the median is $ 105,000 but varies by location and level of education.

Study abroad majors in Economics, Business, Finance

Studying abroad majors in Economics, Business, and Finance has always attracted a lot of interest from Vietnamese and international students. The good news is that there is no shortage of mayors for you to choose from such as:

Study abroad in E-Commerce

E-commerce study helps to develop the knowledge and discretion of the students. Specifically in aspects of e-business intelligence such as e-business database management; data security; Create reports and deal with data migration effectively in a web-based transaction office.

Graduate students know how to promote e-commerce from a business perspective; provide an overview of business and technology topics; business model; virtual value chain; social innovation and marketing strategy.

Study Abroad Marketing

With state-of-the-art broadcast techniques, digital media and social media driving the scope of global graduate careers, international Marketing education can help you achieve your goals. great success in the future. Choose to study Marketing Abroad for an educational adventure that will truly take your knowledge and skills to the next level.

Study abroad in Accounting

If you’re thinking about a career in Accounting, you’ve probably calculated return on investment (ROI) to a degree. One of the advantages of working in the field of accounting is the ability to move up the career ladder. If you have gained a professional experience, the opportunity to get a higher business position is within your reach.

A Bachelor of Accountancy is a requirement for accounting and auditor job positions. An accounting degree may also be required to fulfill the requirements for membership in professional accounting organizations. Professional accounting qualifications include: Certified Public Accountants (CPA); Certified Internal Auditor (CIA); various certificates and diplomas.

Study abroad in Finance

In today’s hyper-globalized market, finance has truly become an internationally sought after goal. New policies and technologies continue to break down economic boundaries, and the successful interaction of cultures is especially important to operate in this sector. What better way to get your feet wet in the global economy than to study finance abroad?

Finance degrees get you a salary of $ 70,000 to $ 120,000 and provide money management education from taxes to balances. By 2026, the sector is expected to grow 26% for financial managers and 11% for financial analysts.

Study abroad in International Relations

The world needs individuals who have many ambitions and want to make a positive impact. Studying international relations is a great way to deepen your understanding of world issues. It is an interesting and important topic that focuses heavily on economics, culture, education and political science and examines its impact on society. You will also learn how and why countries, governments and individuals are responding to such issues.

Study Abroad in Economics

Economics is one of the most useful academic studies you can do in today’s changing world job market. Studying economics abroad will prepare you well for your future career, with insights into the underlying dynamics of various professional fields.

As economics is a global discipline, studying economics abroad has the potential to be one of the most academic and personally rewarding experiences of a school career. your university.

Study of International Business

Studying international business abroad offers a great opportunity to experience world travel and develop people with the skills needed to work in international business. If you choose to focus on economics, marketing or finance while studying international business abroad, be prepared to learn a system that is different from yours in theory and practice.

Every country doing business is a little different, by studying abroad you will learn to adapt your business model and mindset to suit any country and culture.

Study of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is one of the most renowned and sought after courses in the world. Degrees are offered at more than 60% of overseas universities. The MBA program courses highlight various aspects of Business such as: Accounting and Statistics Applied Business Communication; Business ethics; Business law; Finance, Economic Management; Management; Marketing; Supply chain…

Schooled in Hotel Management

The degree in Hospitality Management focuses on the study of the restaurant and hospitality industry. Degrees in this field are awarded by a University or College dedicated to the study of hotel management, in some cases, even business schools. Degrees in Hospitality Management are also known as Hospitality Management or Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Study of Events Management

If you are studying event coordination abroad, you will add a list of good, compelling skills to your resume. You will have an unforgettable experience in your life and meet many new people. But you will also find yourself more attractive to future employers. Especially in a field like business management where extroversion, trust and independence are one of the key characteristics of a good events coordinator.

Study Abroad Data Analyst

Everything we make, buy, sell and consume leaves a data stream. Companies need data scientists to develop, manufacture, and ship their products more efficiently. Professional sports teams use data scientists to give them the championship. There are so many forms of data in our lives, but very few people know how to use and interpret it.

Data scientists understand what seems random and chaotic, applying their expertise to make the data useful insights that their employers can use to make better strategic decisions. If this is appealing, then Study Abroad Data Analyst is a good option for you.

Study abroad in Logistics

Logistics aims to find and distribute products and services. It is a subject that combines elements of engineering; purchasing; IT; business and marketing. Logistics is a growing area of international business that has undergone rapid global expansion. By studying abroad, you will witness firsthand how the industry operates across borders, make meaningful professional connections and increase your employment. You will also develop trust and freedom as you travel the world and form new friendships.

Study abroad in Fintech

Despite various concerns about changing markets, the FinTech industry continues to grow every year. Worldwide, the FinTech market is worth more than $ 200 billion. This growth has made FinTech a popular profession among recent graduates. Studying for a Master in FinTech will allow you to quickly enter this exciting industry.

Study abroad majors in the Design group

In addition to the economics group, the design group has also received a lot of attention from international students. And there are also many courses and majors for you to choose from:

Studied abroad in Jewelry Design

Those with a degree in jewelry design can learn to design jewelry such as necklaces and rings. In addition to design, students will also learn how to make, identify, display, and sell these products. Along with this hands-on education, general students also learn important background information, including history of art, production, and commerce.

This field of study is especially attractive to individuals who want to pursue a career path. In it they can use their creativity and unique talents. In addition, students can develop their creativity, learn to look at their designs from a new angle and create unique work.

Study abroad in Interior Design

Studying interior design abroad is a way to expand your skills and be motivated for new ideas from your everyday experience and environment. By stepping out of your comfort zone and expanding your understanding of design on a global scale, you will surpass your peers in home courses and in your future career. Studying abroad will allow you to see some of the most famous architectural and design landmarks in the world, something that most designers dream of.

Study abroad in Architecture

See the designs you dream of and the styles you study come true while taking your architecture course abroad. From tall architecture to beautiful, modern art, the world is full of creative, creative and interesting construction, studying architecture abroad gives you the opportunity to study architecture abroad. See it all with your own eyes!

Study abroad in Fashion Design

Fashion is a global multi-billion dollar industry that cuts through every aspect of modern culture. Especially movies, music, mass media, advertising and business. The international experience in the fashion sector is definitely valuable, in one of the most competitive sectors in the world. So fashion students should take advantage of this valuable opportunity to study fashion abroad.

Students studying fashion design abroad will experience new cultures while gaining a more dynamic perspective on the industry and broadening their understanding of business on an international level.

Studied abroad in Cinematography

Why consider an overseas study program that focuses on Cinematography? Films cross cultural boundaries and have the potential to reach many audiences and make an impact. Overseas film programs expose you to the world, and the experiences gained from traveling and learning about another culture can open your mind and enhance your creativity.

Study Graphic Design

Studying graphic design abroad allows you to discover a new country and culture while developing your art and business skills. Because the graphic design industry is constantly changing, taking courses abroad can give you new tools and keep you updated with the latest trends.

Taking classes with international students can give you new perspectives and tools for your own design process, as well as challenge how you have been trained in techniques from home.

Study abroad majors in the Information Technology group

In the next 5, 10, or even 20 years from now, IT majors will definitely remain hot and expected to be one of the most attractive fields of study.

Study abroad in Information Technology

Information technology is a thriving industry, as the field expands rapidly. IT focuses on the intersection of computer systems, both hardware and software, and the use of these tools to share data, will establish a secure way to use and store information.

Since this is a very skilled degree, the salaries are likely to be equivalent. People in this field earn an average salary of between $ 80,000 and $ 100,000 a year. The IT sector is also adding jobs faster than other sectors, with growth planned of 12% by 2026.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is awarded upon completion of a course of study lasting approximately three to four years. The topics covered in this course are mainly software; database; network; and focus on the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computers.

Study abroad on Blockchain

From decentralized networks to streamlined processes, the blockchain is extremely secure, trackable, and reliable. And whether you’re considering your next career move, planning a promotion to a senior role, or researching how to stay one step ahead of industry changes, study abroad at blockchain is the way to go.

Study abroad majors in the Science group

Study abroad in Food Technology

With a degree in food science and nutrition, your career choices are endless. Your degree can lead to a career in food marketing; purchase; sports nutrition; quality assurance; media or even education. The best part is, with an internationally recognized qualification, you have career options locally and abroad.

By pursuing a bachelor’s degree in food science and nutrition, you will be immersed in a world that relies on technology and science to develop new food products, improve food systems and protect food integrity.

Studied abroad in Chemistry

It’s in the food you eat, in the water you drink and in the shoes on your feet: chemistry is everywhere. Chemistry teachers know that studying abroad can help you understand some of life’s greatest mysteries; From the smallest to the largest, everything is important. If you haven’t had the luck to get your name on the periodic table in your homeland, it’s time to make an international push. Study chemistry abroad, try your crazy science pranks on a new audience, and connect with world-renowned thinkers in your field.

Study abroad in Biotechnology

Often, something unimaginably small can have a huge impact on the world. As evidenced by advances in biotechnology, where a protein can be a life-saving drug or a nanomaterial that can effectively absorb sunlight to power the world.

Likewise, a little work - choosing to study abroad - can have a huge impact on your life and career. As a relatively new field, there is still a lot of biotech discovery to be made and the great minds working for these discoveries are located all over the world. Studying biotechnology abroad can open your mind to all sorts of new things. From new foods to new breakthroughs in biotechnology.

Other studies abroad are disciplines

Study abroad in Nutrition

Have you ever spent more time than you can remember spending yourself searching for this idlas, stressful and difficult level, but still feel like something is missing? Maybe it’s time to get away from the microscope and out of the country.

Studying nutrition abroad offers students a unique opportunity to not only apply their knowledge through real life and real life projects, but above all, the opportunity to witness firsthand some nutrition challenges that exist abroad. In addition, studying nutrition abroad will introduce students to new approaches in the field, influenced by different religious, social and cultural environments.

Study Abroad in Sociology

Sociology is the discipline that focuses on society and the relationships between individuals within a society. This discipline includes topics such as Anthropology; Archeology; economy; History; Music; Human Geography; Jurisprudence; Language study; Political Science; Psychology; Public Health and Sociology… In general, Sociology has many job opportunities that require different levels of education.

Studying abroad in Beauty

Cosmetology is one of the fastest growing occupations for workers to enter the job market and one of the most diverse, with specializations including but not limited to, hair styling, barbering, manicurist, pedicure, makeup artist and cosmetic laser technician.

It is also one of the fastest expanding career fields due to the international nature of the fashion, beauty, film and theater industries. The most obvious is the best option for studying cosmetology abroad - the cultural centers of Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States.

Study abroad of Law

A Law Degree is an academic degree awarded to students who have completed a Law degree. Law degrees are often chosen by individuals aspiring for a legal career. The degree program covers a variety of subjects such as: Bankruptcy Law, Banking Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Media and Entertainment Law, Environmental Law, Financial Services Law, Human Rights Law, Information technology law, insurance law, intellectual property law, international law. , law and economics, litigation, maritime law, martial law, patent law, real estate law, social care law association, Telecommunication Law and Commercial Law…

Study Abroad in Agriculture

World population growth is causing many problems including food production. Agricultural Science is an area where we are looking to address this issue. The career coverage in Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand is very good. Between 2019 and 2025, Europe is expected to have 57,900 openings on average per year for graduates with bachelor’s degrees or higher in agricultural sciences and related disciplines. This field could be a new field for students in India. However, agricultural science is gradually gaining popularity, mainly due to the guarantee of employment abroad.

Study Abroad English Language

You have wisdom in your head and your feet, now all you need is to practice your English skills. The global lingua franca, English is your passport to anywhere, an essential skill to travel, study and work almost anywhere in the world. To guide yourself in the direction you have chosen, English is the key.

Learning English as a second language abroad is the best way to speed up your language learning and develop cultural knowledge and understanding, all with the experience of studying abroad that you can’t.

Study abroad in Pedagogy

Being a teacher means that you are responsible for the growth and care, of your farm. You will learn about the different pedagogical settings and activities related to children, adolescents and adults, as well as how to evaluate the choice of activities. You will also gain an understanding of the importance of the profession from a social and historical point of view.

The degree can be used worldwide because there is always a demand for this class when working. Caring is important to all people, and as a teacher you can make a difference wherever you work.

Studied abroad with Chef

Few fields have thematic diversity that rely on study abroad as culinary arts. Wherever you choose to study culinary arts abroad, you will learn about a particular food culture, so choose wisely. Studying abroad is your chance to become a master of any cooking style your heart sets!

Study abroad in Communication

After completing your studies, you will find satisfying and challenging work in many fields; Some media majors end up pursuing a career in media or journalism - but you don’t have to feel limited by these options. A Communication degree can give you the basic knowledge that can lead to exciting career opportunities.

Choosing one of the best study abroad programs shared by LoanPlan.in above is not a simple task. But the degree you get definitely offers bright career prospects, a bright future.