How to block others from adding and inviting to groups on Facebook simply

Facebook groups are a place where you can exchange and interact with lots of people about a certain topic. However, it will make you quite uncomfortable to face the situation of being added to many strange Facebook groups. 

So how to prevent others from adding And inviting to Facebook groups? Today's article will share with you how to do it on your phone or computer in detail. Follow now!

How to block others from adding and inviting to groups on Facebook simply

1. Is it possible to stop inviting other people to a Facebook group?

Currently (October 19, 2021), others cannot add you to a group on Facebook, but can only invite you to the group. For groups you have never been to, it will not be possible to block invitations to join that group. You can only block invitations from groups you have joined.

2. How to block invitations to groups you've joined

This will apply in case you do not want to be invited to a group you have previously joined.

  • Step 1: Go to the group you joined > Click Joined > Select Leave group.
  • Step 2: Prevent people from inviting you to join this group again > Turn on select Leave group.

3. How to stop inviting a certain person to a group

You can tell how to block group invitations from someone who invited you to the first group:

In the group invitation Notifications section > Select Ellipsis > select Turn Off invitation notifications from this sender (turn off these notifications).

To re-enable the invitation, do the same as above, but instead of turning it off, turn the notification back on:

Navigate to the group invite notification > Select The ellipsis > Turn On Notifications.

Through the above article, hopefully you can avoid the hassle of constantly being added to groups on Facebook. Thanks for reading the article, see you soon!